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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require volume commitment contracts for ordering reports?


No volume commitment contracts are required.  You may order reports on an as-needed/pay-as-you-go basis.



Why would I use your reports instead of my current provider?


Unlike other vendors,  our credit reports are freshly investigated, and contain the latest information available to help you make informed credit decisions.

Do you provide discounts if I order volumes of reports?


Yes, we provide discounted pricing to our large-volume clients that order reports frequently and/or update their files on a regular basis.


Do you provide credit reports on individuals?


No, we do not provide reports on individuals.  However, if an individual operates a sole proprietorship business, then we can provide a credit report on that business entity.


How accurate and timely is the data you get from public records sources?

It is generally safe to rely on the accuracy of factual data obtained from public record sources.  Many countries have adopted measures for companies file their documentation on a regular basis to ensure that changed events are recorded in a timely manner.

Do you disclose our name during investigations?

It is our strict policy not to disclose your name as the inquiring party unless you have been given prior permission to do so.

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